Daily Pilgrimage

Contributor: Taymaz Valley
Type: Image or Photograph
Location: March
Recorded: September 2018

I am contributing a poem I wrote about my mum's daily pilgrimage to March's side of river Nene.

My Mum and Nene

Our small house is never too far from the river,

and she walks there come rain or sleet

to deliver bread and seeds to the geese couple

who've made March's little part of Nene

their home.

When she approaches the river bank

the mother goose calls out a cry, and papa goose

stands tall, looms over the eggs

to protect them from harm, whilst mama goose

waddles over to my mum to receive her communion.

My mum has been at it for some time

and when we return home for the holidays

she recounts the story to my brother and I

with pride in the geese couple

who protect their young.

I smile holding my mum's hand

telling her we're sorry for being away

for such a long while.

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