Bike Ride from Northampton to Peterborough

Contributor: Ali Cross
Type: Image or Photograph
Location: Kislingbury near Northampton
Recorded: September 2018

I am contributing the photos from a bike ride that took me from Kislingbury near Northampton to the Dog in a Doublet pub just east of Peterborough. We managed to complete the 105km route in 8 and a half hours, much further than I had ever cycled before. I was inspired by hearing lots of other people talking about sections of the river they had cycled along - and I wanted to prove to myself that it would be possible to put them all together into one big ride to be completed in one day. Like many people, I find the river a soothing place to be, and after a few busy weeks of life, I was very excited to be getting outdoors and close to the water again.

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This photo was taken in Kislingbury, near Northampton, just before we started the journey. (The smile here is one of nerves...!)