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Extract from Thorpe Gate RiverCare Blog

Contributor: Jill Murdoch
Owner: Thorpe Gate RiverCare Group
Type: Image or Photograph
Location: Thorpe Gate, Peterborough
Recorded: July 2018

With spring apparently approaching fast (subject to possible hiccups) attention is being given more to the outside world after a long though warmish and very wet winter. It is especially pleasing that the river is at last back inside its correct boundaries and most of the new lakes in what are normally fields have dried out.

Along with swans checking out their old nesting sites and primroses and daffodils bursting out, volunteer Rivercare groups can be seen patrolling their patches again.

Thorpe Gate Rivercare group had its first litter pick of 2014 a couple of weeks ago on a fairly balmy Sunday morning. Things didn't look too bad at first but we ended up with 18 full bags of litter from the river bank between Asda and the Boat House pub.

It is worrying to think of the damage that amount of rubbish could do to the wildlife living on and in the river as it gets moved about by flooding and wind. It makes for a satisfying morning getting the stuff cleaned up as well as a convivial one chatting to neighbours and developing the sense of community that has grown up around the Rivercare groups in the city.

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