Wildflower Floodplain Meadows

Contributor: Matt Johnson
Type: Image or Photograph
Location: Upper Heyford
Recorded: 5/9/2018

I wanted to show and promote the brilliant wildflower floodplain meadows we have along the valley and highlight the importance of conserving them. I have contributed a slide show of photos showing how a created meadow near Upper Heyford has developed and changed over its first 10 years.

One of my favourite memories is of surveying a beautiful wildflower rich meadow we hadn't previously known existed on the banks of the River Nene near Aldwincle listening to Curlew calling from the field on the other side of the river.

My favourite part of the River Nene is the countryside around Aldwincle; great meadows, winding river, lots of footpaths and some good pubs.

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