River of Conversations

Contributor: Ali Cross
Type: Image or Photograph
Location: Peterborough, Ringstead, Thrapston, Barnwell, Stanwick
Recorded: 12/07/18

This is a photo of my fiance taken at Peterborough Heritage Festival in 2016, however my contribution refers to several places along the Nene, including Ringstead, Thrapston, Barnwell, Stanwick, etc

My fiance Chris and I used to walk along the Nene quite regularly when we first started dating. We spent several hours in total enjoying the wildlife – huddled in a birdhide at Barnwell country park watching a little vole munching on seeds in the winter, trying not to disturb big herons as we walked by, counting the fish in the river from the bridge at Stanwick Lakes and so on. We've had many hours' worth of conversations and quiet times spent by the river. I like to imagine that it absorbs everyone's thoughts and conversations and collects them as it flows out to the sea. (If it could talk I dread to think of what it would say!)

It's hard to say which part of my river is my favourite. I've run alongside it a lot at Stanwick Lakes, canoed a fair length of it and walked a decent length of it – I couldn't choose one part of it over another!

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