Tranquility Beyond

Contributor: Richard Ferris
Type: Image or Photograph
Location: Castor
Recorded: May 2018

The Nene has always been my escape route, my headspace, my playground. The place I head, either by foot or by bike, to push myself, to get fit, prepared for events; or simply somewhere to get away from the stresses of the day. It's our city's green lungs, a glorious corridor out beyond the city to the tranquility beyond. So, whether it's out to Wansford to the West or Millennium Bridge to the East, the Nene has always been my companion.

I once got knocked out cold, whilst running along the side of the river. Cyclist, big fellow speeding along, came around a blind corner where vegetation was overhanging. Didn't see me. I didn't see him, well, not until the split second before I was smashed to the ground. Came round with a throbbing head and blood pouring from my ear. He was screaming, thinking that perhaps I was dead! Haven't run that section of the river since that day.

My favourite part of the Nene is The meadows out near Castor. Just stunning. I also quite like the industrial heritage of the rail bridges in the city centre, and can easily reach them for a quick run at the start or end of the day.

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