Bench Views

Contributor: Lynne Collins
Type: Image or Photograph
Location: Peterborough
Recorded: 2/05/2018

These are images of Bench View illustrations I made during 2014/15. I sat and drew from every bench within my local walk to work and lunch explorations. The river benches were part of that series. There's around 20 which relate to the river out of the 200 I drew over a year. I plan to redo the series five years on which will begin next year. The first ten of the images along the river were much bleaker and greyer than the others I did. Whether that was just the weather or not I don't know but I didn't enjoy doing these first ten as much as the later ten.

Doing ten illustrations on one day to complete my Bench View series within a year. The beer festival was on, we had a great day enjoying both the beer festival and river, my friend came and sat with me while I illustrated as many river bench views as I needed to finish the series. I'd deliberate left these to do while the beer festival was on since they were the nearest to it. Whilst my friend took a photograph of me illustrating my last few I was smiling because it hadn't occurred to her that she'd walked into my view and was captured within the illustration she was photographing me creating.

I will always navigate to parts of any river more wildlife rich and friendly. where I can sit and watch the shadows and sunlight reflecting off the water surface and see the amazing damsel and dragonflies resting on the vegetation alongside the riverbanks.

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