Milton Ferry Bridge in Ferry Meadows over the Nene

Contributor: Paul Robinson
Type: Image or Photograph
Location: Milton Ferry Bridge in Ferry Meadows over the Nene
Recorded: 1/05/2018

This is a picture submitted to Nene Park Trusts facebook account and received nearly 200 views / likes, shortly after obtained my Level 1&2 Photographic diplomas in 2017, holds a special place in my heart as I dedicated it to my wife's late brother a terminally ill cancer patient at Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall in 2009. It was published in their June News Letter the same year in memoriam of John Montgomery and dedicated to the hard working nurses and staff at Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall

John loved to fish the along the River Nene and my wife and I could just imagine him sitting near the bridge drinking a beer and fishing.

My wife and I spent our first day out together at Ferry Meadows just walking around the park, when I visited her for the first time back in September 2007. Happily married in 2011 our 3 children and dog love visiting ferry meadows on a regular basis. We now live a mere 10 minute cycle ride away from Ferry Meadows... Was meant to be...

My favourite stretch of the River Nene is from near Awalton up to Ortonmere, so many interesting places to visit, lots of interesting things to see, bird hides, boats, locks sluices, bridges heritage train lines, diverse and cultured. Water sports and biking...

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