Henry and I

Contributor: Justin Tilley
Type: Image or Photograph
Location: Peterborough
Recorded: July 2018

This is a photo of Henry and I enjoying one of our favourite new pastimes on the Nene.

I've always admired the river from a position of solid ground, so have been wanting to experience it from a ''ducks eye view'' for some time. My ambition was realised this summer when I bought a kayak, and since then I've enjoyed many an hour exploring the river around Peterborough and the surrounding villages with my daughter and my trusted canine co-pilot.

It gives a totally new perspective to places that I thought I knew really well, offering all sorts of hidden secrets of the river and a chance to interact with it in a new way. It's a good metaphor for how important it is to change your viewpoint, revisit the familiar, and see what new experiences it brings.

There are many beautiful stretches, but I really love the area running through Peterborough - a wonderful green and blue heart of the city, and an incredible asset to many thousands of people who live and work here.

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