Stanwick Lakes - An Appreciation

Contributor: Rob Marchment
Type: Image or Photograph
Location: Stanwick
Recorded: November 2018

That part of the landscape of the Nene Valley, known as Stanwick Lakes, lies almost secretly along the side of the A45. It is a whole world away from the hustle and bustle of that busy road. Entering this beautiful area - of river, lakes and big skies - your life suddenly goes into slow-motion. Here, you just seem to calm down, find some quiet and, most importantly, find yourself once more.

This place freely offers its particular magic, throughout the year. In all seasons, whether in the gathering twilight of autumn, the crisp sparkle of winter, the returning energy of spring or the sun-filled days of summer, that marvel called the Nene Valley, waiting to be experienced here at Stanwick Lakes, welcomes you warmly whenever you visit.

Here there a range of wide, expansive lakes, reflecting the skies above in all their moods. The river Nene winds its way, snake-like, among all these evocative waters. Sometimes it moves with the pace of a wandering dreamer, while at other moments it rages with the full force of nature. Trees are everywhere, maybe in small copses, or unexpectedly deep woodland or, majestically placed, as sentinels that seem to guard the special essence of this place.

You do not walk alone here. You are in the company of the spirits of those who have lived here down the millennia, from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, then onto Roman, Medieval times and recent centuries. You are also in the company of a broad community of wildlife, whether on the land, or the water or up in the wide skies. There is nothing quite like the call of a Red Kite, circling slowly above you and waiting, just waiting...

Every time I come to this place, I ask myself: why have I not been here more often? And every time I do visit, I am once more drawn in and am healed in someway by the river, the lakes, the trees, the skies and the gently expansive valley known as the Nene. I marvel at the effect of this location: health is improved, a sense of wellbeing is restored, preoccupations are unravelled and righted, relationships renewed. Here is my Nirvana, nestling quietly in the hidden arms of that wonder called Nenescape

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