High Water Mark Trail

Contributor: Jacqui Jones
Type: Image or Photograph
Location: Peterborough
Recorded: 2016

I am contributing an image from the HIGH WATER MARK TRAIL that I created for the PECT Green Festival in 2016. The artwork consisted of a series of installations of origami style boats placed above current water levels in Peterborough city centre. It highlighted the impact of climate change and the potential future sea level rises that may affect the region.

One of my favourite memories of the Nene is putting my bike on the train in Norwich, travelling to Peterborough and cycling from the station alongside the River Nene to Ferry Meadows. I discovered something interesting around every corner, Woodston Ponds, the sculpture park and at Ferry Meadows Country Park a play in a pop up theatre. I got a bit lost on the return journey and a couple cycled with with me, delivering me safely back to the city centre.

My favourite part of the river is the walking/cycle route in Peterborough, it's an easy and safe way to explore this beautiful area.

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